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Harley Wood Winter School

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This year, the Harley Wood Winter School will be catching a ride in the DeLorean! Multi-messenger astrophysics is the key: expert speakers will drive us across multiple wavelength domains (including neutrino and gravitational wave astronomy) while connecting their talk not only to our understanding of the chronological history of the Universe but also to the evolution of astronomy and astrophysics here in Australia.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a cohesive picture of the evolution of the universe over cosmic time, as well as a picture of how Australian astronomy has developed from Indigenous traditional understanding of the night sky to its most recent exploration.

The Harley Wood Winter School will be held on Thursday 6 - Sunday 9 July (leaving the afternoon of Sunday 9 July) at the ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus.

Table of Contents

School Location

Invited Speakers


Organisation Committees

School Location

The Kioloa Coastal Campus of the ANU offers accommodation and research facilities at a unique location, extending from the high tide mark through a diverse ecology to thick bushland. This 348 hectare field station, now one of Australia's premier field stations, was estabilshed through the generosity of former owner Joy London, as The Edith and Joy London foundation in honour of her mother, Edith. The field station is situated on the NSW south coast between Kioloa and Bawly Point villages, easily accesible from Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong.

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Invited Speakers

HWWS participants will hear from a diverse range of speakers, covering a variety of topics. Invited speakers to date are:


Yvonne Wong (UNSW)

Big Bang cosmology

Duane Hamacher (Monash) & Les Birchill Indigenous astronomy
Helga Denes (CSIRO) Radio astronomy
Anais Moller (ANU) Transients
Jonti Horner (USQ) Exoplanets and solar systems
Letizie Sammut (Monash)

Gravitational waves and OzGrav

Rebecca Allen (Swinburne)

Galaxy evolution

Jack Line (Melbourne)

Epoch of reionization

Other talks will include epoch of reionization, galaxy evolution and an overview of CAASTRO-3D.


Any student studying astronomy, including students from other countries, may register for the Harley Wood Winter School. Registration is $400 for all participants.

The registration fee covers:

Note that there will be no return bus service from ANU Kioloa Campus to Sydney. Harley Wood Winter School attendees who are not attending the main Annual Scientific Meeting are required to organize their own transport home from either Canberra or ANU Kioloa Campus.

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Organisation Committees

Local Organisational CommitteeScientific Organisational Committee
Rajika Kuruwita (co-chair)
Adam Thomas (co-chair)
Ryan Ridden-Harper
Ayan Acharyya
Jamie Soon
Adam Rains
Fiona H. Panther (Chair)
Igor Andreoni
Katherine Harborne
Belinda Nicholson
Aditya Partha
Ahn Pham
Eromanga Adermann
Grace Lawrence
Thomas Reichardt

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Registration options | All dates & times are in AEST; all costs include GST

Harley Wood Winter School Registation$400.00 March 28, 2017, midnightJune 20, 2017, 11:59 p.m.

Registration for this meeting has now closed.

Latest news

Harley Wood Winter School program released | June 27, 2017, 4 p.m.

We are pleased to publicly release the program for the 2017 Harley Wood Winter School. You can now browse the conference program and participants list from the HWWS 2017 home page.

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Featured event

HWWS Bus - Canberra to Kioloa

When: Thu 6 Jul 2017, 3:30PM - 7:00PM
Where:ANU University House, then Canberra Airport, to ANU Kioloa Campus
Registration closes July 7, 2017, 12:26 p.m.

A bus service from ANU main campus to Kioloa Campus has be organized by the Harley Wood Winter School LOC. Bus times and pick-up locations are as follows:

Departs University House @ 3.30pm
Departs Canberra Airport @ 4.00pm
Arrives Kioloa @ 7pm (approx)

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