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Harley Wood Winter School – Participants

List | Gender & Career Diversity

This page lists information about those attending Harley Wood Winter School. All effort has been made to anonymise any summary data shown on this page. If you feel the information on this page in some way identifies a specific person adversely, please contact as soon as possible.

Participants list (total: 42)

♠ Local organising committee
♥ Scientific organising committee
This page should not be used to determine if a participant has successfully settled their registration payments.

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Ayan ACHARYYA(Australian National University)
Matthew ALGER (The Australian National University)
Rebecca ALLEN (Swinburne University)
Pikky ATRI (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Curtin University)
Adam BATTEN (Macquarie University)
Josh CALCINO (The University of Queensland)
Alex James CAMERON (The University of Melbourne)
Isabel Lily COLMAN (The University of Sydney)
Blair CONN (Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics)
Tiffany DAY (Macquarie University)
Helga DENES (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation/ The Australian National University)
Robert DZUDZAR (Swinburne University of Technology)
Ahmed ELAGALI (University of Western Australia)
Wilfred GEE (Macquarie University)
Duane HAMACHER (Monash University)
Jonti HORNER (University of Southern Queensland)
Arvind HUGHES (Macquarie University)
Ronniy JOSEPH (Curtin University)
Soheil KOUSHAN (international Centre for radio Astronomy Research)
Rajika KURUWITA(Australian National University)
Jack LINE (University of Melbourne)
Nataliea LOWSON (Australian National University)
Madeline MARSHALL (University of Melbourne)
Shannon MELROSE (University of New South Wales)
Daniel MUTHUKRISHNA (Australian National University)
Anais MÖLLER (Australian National University)
Mason NG (The University of Auckland)
Belinda NICHOLSON(University of Southern Queensland)
Karlie Alinta NOON (Australian National University)
Anh T.P. PHAM(The University of Melbourne)
QIU YIsheng (The University of Melbounre)
Keven REN (University of Melbourne)
Ryan RIDDEN-HARPER(Australian National University)
Letizia SAMMUT (Monash University)
Jacob SEILER (Swinburne University)
Jamie SOON(Australian National University)
Adam Douglas THOMAS(The Australian National University)
Alexander WALLACE (Australian National University)
Yvonne WONG (University of New South Wales)
Yixiao ZHOU (Australian National University)
Anna ZOVARO (The Australian National University)

Gender & Career Diversity Statistics

Gender/career responses have been grouped (and possibly eliminated if the subsequent grouping is not large enough) when that particular response accounts for less than 1.5% of all responses, or if the response has fewer than three data points. Percentages shown in the chart tooltips are relative to the number of data points shown (i.e. total responses, less the number of hidden responses).

Click on the legend title of any response to hide/show that response in the relevant chart.

Gender statistics

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Career statistics

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Talk authors